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loading and inventory of display spaces

with over 150 rack jobbers, Executive is able to offer its customers an inventory and replenishment service for their stores' shelves. The rack jobbers are trained through agencies or directly through specific meetings.

The activity consists in regularly visiting stores to survey the linear situation, both before and after product placement. All data and photographic surveys carried out are processed in order to verify that the task has been done properly. The internal information system highlights the critical issues that emerge from the store visit, both in terms of tickets opened directly by the rack jobbers, and in terms of the quality of the placement of products on the shelf.

shelf communication

this aspect  consists of creating and dressing shelves and displays on behalf of customers. Based on specific needs, the layout of products is designed to have the best visual impact on final consumers. Based on resellers' requests, linear ideas can be proposed which, if approved, are then realized by third party manufacturers. In-store dressing can be carried out for both chains and brands. 


shelves' profitability analysis

the direct interventions at stores provide verbal, numerical and visual information and serve to collect the necessary data to analyze the performance indicators of the products' display and the effectiveness of order programming. The findings provide important support for the monitoring of planned activities in stores and for the preparation of final reports, benchmarks or the organization of operational interventions with tight deadlines. The analysis of profitability indicators such as OSA or predefined KPIs enable the use of timely and documented information.

reporting analysis and management

all rack jobber activities are monitored and reported with the highest level of detail to the suppliers who request this service. The service relies on the support of external agencies. Executive takes care to ensure that the rack jobbers carry out their work to the best of their abilities; thanks to real-time assistance, it is possible to act quickly in unexpected or difficult situations.

excellence in execution

dal 1984 ricerchiamo l'eccellenza nella realizzazione delle ambizioni dei nostri clienti

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