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proprietary CRP

the automatic reorder system (Continuous Replenishment Program) gives customers a more efficient supply of their SKUs, helping to maximize sales and reduce the amount of inventory in their warehouses. Thanks to the stock and sell-out data provided by the customer, the proposed order is processed and then sent for approval. After the store has confirmed it, the order is processed and the goods are delivered by courier.


it is possible to import and manage assortments while respecting the clusters and the hierarchy of stores, with the additional option to customize each SKU. The system automatically generates an order in proportion to the amount defined per category. The assortment can then be kept up to date with the activation of a specific EDI pipeline.

parameters and minimum stock

the CRP is driven by three key parameters: the amount of SKUs in the planogram, the reorder rate and the coverage. The latter is set up in such a way as to guarantee a certain quantity of stock for a number of weeks equal to three times the reorder rate. The correlated amount of minimum stock is calculated using the sales average of a single SKU in the last period (running AVG), multiplied by the weeks of coverage. If sales in the reporting period are equal to zero, the amount in the planogram is considered as a minimum.

add-ons and coverage

the coverage multiplier allows stores to maintain a certain inventory buffer to cope with unforeseen situations, such as a suppliers' limited availability of products or delays in the delivery of goods. Certain add-ons can be added to the parameters described above:

- Elimination of items from orders due to Executive's lack of product availability

- Subtraction of bills if the customer has not uploaded them in the system

- Cuts or roundings to the order proposal

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