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product scouting

the category manager's activities also include proactive research for new products to be placed on the market, composition of categories arising from the variability of consumer preference, and the proposal of brands that are not yet present in the catalog.

organization of display space

Executive also creates and dresses shelves and displays on behalf of customers; the goal is to ensure that the products' display has the best visual impact on final consumers. Linear ideas can be proposed by resellers, and, if approved, are then realized by third party manufacturers. In-store dressing can be carried out for both chains and brands.

assortment and segmentation

Executive interfaces with suppliers for the selection of assortments in order to understand which products are most valuable and have the highest market interest; it also interfaces with retailers to identify their particularities and requirements. Once the grid – the set of all the products encoded by the chain – is defined, it is important to understand which items to place in the available linear space; the assortments are clustered by the number of hooks, and their definition only comes after mapping has been carried out by the rack jobbers in the individual stores.


a planogram is a graphical representation of the layout, and number of items to physically expose on each shelf. In most cases, the supplier determines the positioning and order in which to allocate the items. The number of pieces per product is influenced by various factors: the chain's requests, the market share, the space available and the reorder rate. The first planogram draft is the master, which is forwarded to the Service Division to be customized and adapted for each store. However, the overall visual appearance remains that which was established in the master planogram. In cases where the creation of a planogram requires a high level of customization, Executive staff test the placement of the products in person at the needed location.

prototyping & mock-ups

innovation passes through innumerable and recursive stages of analysis, processing, proposals and prototyping. Whether it is a new display, a representation, a communication panel, a new management software, a consultation platform, or an entirely new service, the creation of a model to test on is decisive for the alignment of expectations and the final implementation phase.

excellence in execution

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