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sell-out and stock analysis

stock and sell-out data can be physically collected through in-store service activities carried out by rack jobbers, or transmitted directly by the stores or the retailer. The integration of sources and data normalization configure multi-device processing and consultation tools which are available in real time to those interested in them, with profitability and essential KPI (key performance index) indicators such as OSA (on-shelf availability), OOS (out-of-stock items), market share and price positioning.

sell-out and stock analysis

the processing and sharing of: periodic analysis reports and reports targeted at specific customer needs or individual projects are constantly provided services, in addition to the representation in management platforms also available in mobile form. The platform provides ordinary consultation in the form of analytical and informational reports and graphics regarding stock, sell-out, selection, placement, display, rotation and profitability data. The ROI summary data can be organized by various components, including cluster, store, display space or category, all the way down to an individual item.

in-store service reports

the management platform allows for the consultation and analysis of all store visits. The back office service team and a BI system program analyze data relating to the visits and prepare the necessary repositioning and display management interventions. Ample visibility is given to the analysis of coherence between the values ​​of stock transmitted in the data exchange and the inventory survey, between the photographic assessment of shelves and ex ante and ex post findings with respect to the in-store activities. Promotional placement verification is also available. The analyses give rise to various activities including problem solving, planogram adjustment based on KPI variations and fine-tuning of the reorder process.


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