distributed products

Executive distributes thousands of products in Italy from more than 30 manufacturers for the digital and ICT markets. The range of distributed items favors the product categories that most need intermediation in order to express their commercial value, and whose profit potential would be greatly reduced if they were only considered for their price/quality ratio. Our focus is therefore on consumer products and accessories, managed according to category management policies with constantly innovated techniques.


the vast range of products included in Executive's catalogue today is in line with its historic core market –computer products and all those consumer products that have gradually been absorbed by the digital world:

• computer products and accessories

• printing products and accessories

• telephone products and accessories

• audio/video products and accessories

• lighting products and accessories

• home automation and networking



the already well-established distribution activities for major brands is constantly enriched with new products and product categories. The management of preferred exposure, the new reference system, the accompaniment of the brand and store, and public offer phase monitoring are all services that facilitate the exploration of new product lines. The same type of activity is also made available to brands that are not yet on the market and would like to experiment by introducing their products to channels that are already active.






Executive has chosen to oversee the distribution of consumer products and accessories within its original historical market. The goal is to ensure the availability of all the necessary or accessory items that follow the main hardware purchase for customers. They complete and perfect the features of the main product by creating an overall satisfactory user experience, and therefore stregthening customer loyalty to the brand or chain.


the success of a printing-related purchase is strongly influenced by the widespread market availability of consumer products such as cartridges, toner, paper, ink and 3d skeins. Executive deals with the distribution of consumer products for the main-market brands to ensure consumers can benefit from the constant availability of the purchased product.


the digital revolution in the world of images is accompanied by a world of products and specific accessories. Cameras are often bought along with lenses, filters, remote controls, flashes, bags, memory cards, media supports, cables and other related objects.


enjoy sounds and images anywhere, from any device. Our selection of audio and video products is very wide: from audio speakers to cables, video cameras, headsets, microphones, players and media supports, to cover all consumer needs.


a complement of home automation and technological revolution came with the introduction of LEDs, which are now part of Executive’s catalog together with other consumer lighting products,. It is no coincidence that the best market brands are present in both the ICT and lighting industries.

mobile devices

the demand for smartphones and tablets accessories is parallel to the growth of the mobile products market, along with the demand for batteries, cables, covers and protective coatings, ear pieces and various add-ons.

home automation and networking

IT as the key infrastructure for the management of daily activities; connectivity as an opening to the world. Technology and connectivity within common objects allow for the automation and control of familiar experiences for the consumer. The aim is to offer items that make life easier, increase safety and comfort, or are simply engaging and fun, acting as a glimpse of the future possibilities in the field of Internet of Things.