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le tecnologie

augmented reality

merges the digital world with in-store surroundings, increasing client engagement

rack jobbing

150 people use our powerGD app to monitor shelf display and collect data to better the value chain

indoor location

allows in-store customer tracking with up to 5 cm accuracy, while also linking clients and products

solesensor technology

gathers in-store foot traffic analytics  to gain a granular understanding of customers


educates clients on the use and technology behind the most innovative products via barcode scanning

salesforce automation

we develop personalized apps to help manage sales staff, and monitor the efficiency and quality of their fieldwork

planogram builder

this SaaS is a tool that enables category managers to effortlessly create, manage, monitor and share  planograms


every solution we offer features highly customizable analytics platforms that are adaptable to a variety of requests

store of the future - overview of our solutions for retail

the customer of the future still shops in the stores of the past. exero presents some solutions of its portfolio and its take on the future of retail. watch Carlos explain the potentialities of our technologies.

excellence in execution

dal 1984 ricerchiamo l'eccellenza nella realizzazione delle ambizioni dei nostri clienti

ora vorremmo realizzare la tua