with strong specialization in the management of consumer products and accessories according to category management techniques, Executive has created an integrated product and service offer. Through its proprietary management platforms PowerGd, PowerCategory and PowerBrand, the customer and the manufacturer have control over data flows relevant to stock, assortment, sales and order programming for each store. With PowerDesk, the independent reseller can freely interact with Executive's sales and logistics teams. Integration of flows and management of customized shipments are carried out to be in line with the distinctive character of the customer, retailer or e-tailer, independent operator or specialized chain.


our premises

ever since Executive was established in 1984, the city of Lecco has not only represented the birth place of the company, but has also played an integral role in setting the values that govern the company today.
This strong bond has developed over the years to create Executive’s identity for the present and the future.

the city’s role in Italy’s industrialization was profound, boosting national iron and steel output with the establishment of a specialized manufacturing plant at the heart of the city’s ecosystem. Since then. Lecco has been attributed a long-lasting identity derived from its industrial origins.

furnished with steel and iron floors, our offices retain the presence of this identity and emphasize the company’s bond to the culture and values surrounding it.

glass walls further accentuate Executive’s distinctive core values, emphasizing the importance of transparency and openness when operating with existing and future partners.




our history

from the pioneering era of home computing, Executive had a leading role in the evolution of information technology in Italy. The outcome of Executive’s development is a multifaceted role known as a value-added wholesaler. Generating added value as a wholesaler is heavily dependent on the availability of products and logistical efficiency. As such, our company has taken on diverse tasks that are usually outsourced to third parties to ensure that maximum added value is generated. Such tasks include merchandising, shelf-dressing, promoting, rack jobbing, data provision and process integration.

our platforms

the processes of management, integration with the channel's flows, and information sharing all go through Executive's proprietary platforms and are made available to the supply chain. The following are focused on operational activities and flows monitoring:


www.powerdesk.it is dedicated to independent retailers. It is a B2B relationship management service that covers all needs relating to procurement, information catalogues, post-sales service and administrative channel support


www.powergd.it provides overviews and analysis on activities dedicated to retail. The in-store activities of shelf management find their planning and control tool here. The platform provides ample visibility of the display status of each shelf in every store, with details of the products on display, and analyses of significant KPIs (key performance indicators) as well as any interventions carried out directly or through the rack jobbers.


Powercategory and PowerBrand provide analytical representations and detailed summary statistics.


www.powerbrand.it is Executive's reference platform for integration with the industry and for the development of complex statistical analyses. Essentially, it creates data exchange and sharing processes along three fundamental perimeters: the integration of information flows, of processes, and governance of the system variables.


www.powercategory.it provides the Retailer with an effective representation of its company, brand and market data, collected during the management of the processes and services provided by Executive.