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the e-tailer channel is a natural outlet for Executive; the explosion of online sales is an opportunity – and at the same time a challenge – that we must face. Availability of goods and delivery speed are the major drivers of success in an increasingly competitive market, and Executive is committed every day to improving performance in these areas, working with both international retailers and start-ups operating exclusively in Italy.

drop shipments

the speed of delivery to the consumer is a determining factor in the typical sales formula of e-tailers. The logistics services provided by Executive sees to the reception of orders, even fragmented, with delivery available to third parties (drop shipments), as well as private users. The retailer is given full visibility of the availability of in-stock goods according to the information integration methods that are best adapted to its informational and organizational system. Similarly, the status of shipments made on its behalf is monitored and passed on to the retailer.

availability in real time

a goods warehouse for the retailer. The data integration service allows retailers to have real-time availability of in-stock goods present in Executive's warehouse and have them available for immediate-fulfillment orders. The products' encoding and identification are available in shared formats - EAN, PartNo - or even the retailer's own reference numbers.

integrated and flexible services

the vast range of accessories, consumables, hardware and their in-stock availability allows Executive to meet industry demand

customers can monitor the availability of requested goods in the Executive warehouse in real time, as well as their prices at that precise moment

Executive customers can request, under certain conditions, that the goods be delivered directly to the final consumers

if customers take advantage of the drop shipment service, a dedicated DDT is issued so that the further issuance of documents by Executive's client for the final customer will not be necessary

the CRP system applied to e-tailers automatically replenishes the stock of products they manage in the supplier's warehouse

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white papers

la raccolta dei nostri white papers disponibili per il download realizzati dai nostri innovation team in collaborazione con le migliori università italiane  .

Approfondimenti e riflessioni su tematiche quotidiane  del mondo retail , dagli assortimenti alla politica del prezzo e del posizionamento promozionale , passando attraverso le quotidiane difficoltà della logistica . Un punto d partenza che vuole stimolare confronto e condivisione di esperienze professionali per un migliore efficientamento della filiera .

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