the distinctive feature of the competitive arena of consumer goods markets right now is predominantly multi-channel systems. The goods are available to the consumer at traditional local stores, from retailers (generalized or specialized large distribution chains), or from e-tailers in e-commerce, with direct and indirect channels often overlapping.

true to its trade policy that keeps the indirect channel as a fixed point, Executive has developed specific processes and selections for each type of customer.


retailers' specific need is maximizing the profitability of their retail display spaces. The offer is characterized by a high level of process integration aimed at reducing management time, optimizing stock, information sharing and in-store service coverage. The broad portfolio of products and services available, along with precise modulation, allow for the enablement of various business relationships while always respecting the image and commercial policy of each individual operator. An articulate selection of products and services makes the supply process fluid and intensive, relieving stores of their non-primary duties.


an e-tailer's needs are manifested in logistic efficiency and information exchange. Both of these variables are competitive advantages in which Executive is constantly investing resources. All the active parts of the procurement process can be automatically handled by integrated information systems. Their advanced logistic capacity allows them to quickly respond to the complex requirements inherent to managing shipments and deliveries to a warehouse or final destination.


there is a very wide pool of independent businesses: computer shops, software houses, photographers, phone shops, unspecialized operators... too support these customers' level of business, Executive provides the B2B e-commerce site for the complete management of trading relations, from order to post-sales service. This channel's selection is characterized by a vast product range, support in industry relations, delivery within 24 hours, drop shipments and incentive and support programs.


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